From Tokyo to Boston, in transition

I moved in from Tokyo, Japan to Boston, MA, USA and just dropped my suitcases a few weeks ago…

…l’Atelier d’F will need a few more weeks to settle in its new place.

I hope to meet you soon to continue sharing my passion for jewelry making !


What to bring?


You don’t need to bring anything, just get ready to use your hands, play with silver parts and beads, share this experience with the other participants.

We will use a few tools which will be provided for free during the workshop:

- all kinds of pliers: round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, chain nose pliers, cutting pliers

- files

- hammers and steel benches

For each project/workshop, you will receive a kit with all the materials needed to make your piece.

Be ready to arrive a few minutes before the time of the workshop, to make yourself comfortable and allow the group to start the workshop on time.

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